Not to be confused with Izzy (Roleplay Reborn)

Izzy is a contestant and season winner in Total Drama Roleplay. She participates in two seasons of the series, placing twentieth in "Total Drama Island" and first in "Total Drama World".

During her time in "Total Drama Island", Izzy is placed on the Killer Bass. She conflicts with several of her peers and establishes a relationship with Owen which lasts briefly. Her team votes her off when Courtney frames her for sabotaging a challenge.

Finally, Izzy returns to compete in "Total Drama World" and is placed on the Killer Survivors, where she forms an alliance with Katie, Noah, and Trent. Throughout the season, her reputation changes as she manages to befriend several other contestants and eventually win the season. Izzy is last seen in "Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Special" where she reveals she bailed Geoff out of prison after his arrest at a party.